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Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software

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  Sensory Testing
  Consumer Insights
  Quality Control
  Quality Assurance
  Product Safety
  Data Analytics
  Recruiting Consumers

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Sensory Evaluation Cloud
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Software as a Service (SaaS)
Cloud Computing for Data Collection
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  SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software

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  SIMS Recruiting & SIMS Scheduling. Your consumers and panelists. At a fraction of the annual cost of our competitors.
Experience consumer and panelist scheduling in your browser now.

  About Us
  SIMS Sensory Consumer Quality Innovation Panel Software Cloud Systems is adding real value and positive energy to sensory & consumer insight groups worldwide.
On these SIMS webpages you will discover real substance, easy to set up ballots, advanced statistics, reports, graphics, easy to see print screens.
In-house and cloud web-based systems. We believe that sensory evaluation software should be as flexible as possible, easy to use, bug free, and affordable.
Your SIMS team delivers Excellent customer service and real live personal support every day.
Call 800-579-7654 or 908-665-6464 or send email to our team

  In addition to standard low cost SIMS online subscriptions,
you may also select to purchase a single Consumer Study's online presence!   Web Cloud testing!
  Our team at SIMS Sensory Consumer Quality Innovation Panel Software Cloud Systems is now offering SaaS Software as a Service.
You can now just buy a single Consumer Study's online presence and we'll do all the work!
We'll do the ballot setups, design/randomization setups, web links, data collection, and reports and data delivery.
No hands-on required for you the client! Very popular. SIMS Online Cloud is doing amazing things everyday with lots of new features and accessibility.
Everybody loves the CLOUD-based testing. Check us out today.
Cost depends on how long it takes our SIMS Cloud Study Specialists to set up your study, typically under 1 day, very low cost. Get a quote.
Request quotation information or call 800-579-7654.

  Subcription Pricing for your everyday usage      
  • The Lowest Software Price List for your everyday usage. You can choose an annual simple fixed flat rate subcription pricing, or a one-time fee only in year 1 then a lower annual fee.
  • Don't pay $35K+ year over year, that's simply way too much. SIMS offers the lowest annual costs.
  • As low as $4000 for the typical small/medium sensory quality lab annually using SIMS pricing Model B. SIMS costs are lowest.
  • Take advantage of our competitive discounts. Save money every year. It's time to switch.
  • Educational, Academia and Universities please ask about 50% Price List discounts.
  • Request quotation information or call 800-579-7654.

  •   Value
      SIMS Sensory Consumer Quality Innovation Panel Software Cloud Systems deliver real value and success with positive friendly energy to your sensory, consumer insight groups and quality teams worldwide.
    Benefits for you and your team include the lowest cost software with the highest value sensory software solution.
    SIMS was the first provider of Sensory Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) and continues to extend the technology lead with new features and functionalities.
    Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Insights, Innovation, Market Research, Quality and Product Safety groups worldwide have found success and recognition with SIMS software.
    SIMS software is the preferred software solution for many groups, call the user friendly team at SIMS and find out why.
    See your colleagues already using SIMS Systems.

      SIMS vs Competitors
      Other software only provides basic limited and/or nonexisting product support. SIMS delivers Excellent customer service and real live personal support.
    Other software might offer basic pretty ballot templates. But basic comes with a big sacrifice.   If you are like most sensory/quality professionals you know that you need tools that work for all your big projects and allows your creativity to shine. SIMS Systems delivers the power you need.

        Mary: "We looked at a few different vendors before working with this company. Customer service was beyond helpful in answering all of our questions. We're so glad we went with them, our ballots look great!"
      Jane: "If you're looking for a perfect sensory application, look no further than this company! My ballot's interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. I can't imagine using anyone else for my sensory software needs!"
      Bob: "This company worked closely with me throughout the entire process. I loved the final ballots and can't wait to use this sensory system more in the future!"
    SIMS Sensory Cloud Software

    Your SIMS Cloud Software Demonstration
      Free LIVE Interactive SIMS Sensory Software Cloud Demonstrations.
    It's easy, from your desk, you web surf to our Meeting Web Page, and telephone to our 800#, and we're ready.
    Give us an hour of your time and we will demonstrate the SIMS software application just for you.
    Signup here to schedule YOUR demonstration today!

    Recent News
      A big welcome to all our terrific new Clients for 2019!
    Beyond your lab's panel rooms, SIMS internet sensory testing,
    SIMS new enhancement releases ongoing, see our Support page for Enhancements list as of August 2019.
    Ask us about customizing SIMS to meet your group's specific requirements.
    Reward: $500 USD personal gift check for your referrals leading to new clients.
    SIMS software works great with Mobile Cell Phones, Windows Tablet PCs, Ipads, and cell phones

    Mobile Cell Phones
            Any questions, any time,   800-579-7654  

    Find out why.

    Call us today.

    SIMS is the Sensory Information Management System in the Cloud.

    If it is important to you, it is important to us!

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    Sensory Evaluation
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    Sensory Evaluation

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