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   SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Cloud Systems    Data & Business Analytics

   Data Results Reports Examples, Data Analytics

      Top-Line Table Generation - Statistics - Anova - PValues
      Table Generation - Export to Microsoft Word
      Table Generation - Export to Microsoft Excel

      SAS Statistical Analysis Options
      R Statistical Analysis Options
      JMP Statistical Analysis Options
      Excel Statistical Analysis Options

      Results Summary Statistics, Standard Deviations, more

      R Statistics Software

Data Exporting Automated Examples - Advanced Statistics

      PCA Principal Component Analysis 3D
      PCA Principal Component Analysis 2D
      Preference Mapping Analysis 3D
      Preference Mapping Analysis 2D
      Cluster Analysis
      Chi-Square Analysis
      Dunnett's T Test Analysis
      Turf Analysis
      Cohen's d and Probability of Superiority (POS)
      Sensory claim substantiation

Data Exporting Automated Examples - Raw Data Scores

      Data Export Main Options
      Data Export to Microsoft Excel & XLStat
      Data Export to SAS
      Data Export to JMP
      Data Export to SPSS
      Data Export to CAMO Unscrambler
      Data Export to Statistica
      Data Export to Text File
      Result Import External Data From Excel into SIMS

Data Security
      Audit Trail Capability
      System Audit Log Reports
      Microsoft SQL Server

      Panelist Test-in-progress Polling Screen
      Van Westendorp's Price Sensitivity Meter
      Result Import External Data From Excel into SIMS
              Data Graphics/Charts Examples

      Means, Standard Deviations, Confidance Interval
      Radial/Spider Graph
      2D Bar Graph
      3D Bar Graph
      2D Line Graph
      3D Line Graph
      3D Product Comparison Difference Graph
      Delta Difference Graphs

Other Popular Common Reports Examples

      Hedonic Frequency Reports
      Hedonic Frequency Report Graphics
      Top 2, Bottom 2, Top 3 & Bottom 3 Box Advanced Analysis
      Penalty Analysis
      Ranking, Sample Preference
      CrossTabs/Sub-Group Analysis
      Time TDS Temporal Dominance of Sensations
      Continuous Time Intensity Output
      Triangle Test
      Discrimination Correct/Incorrect Reports - Triangle & Duo-Trio
      Discrimination Correct/Incorrect Reports - Tetrad
      Paired Comparison Attribute Analysis Report
      Test Sensitivity Analyzer
      Multiple Tests Means Reports
      Open-Ended Comment Reports
      Comment Coding Reports
      Rotation Plan Reports

      Panelist Comparison Reports
      Panelist Performance Multiple Tests Reports
      Panelist Performance - Individual Reps Feedback Report
      Panelist Performance - Reps Standard Deviation Summary
      Panelist Performance - Panel Panelists vs Panel Significance Patterns Reports
      Panelist Comparison Delta Difference Average Graph and Excel Spreadsheets

      Panelist Descriptive Calibration Method (DCM)
      Panelist Immediate Feedback Reports - Panelist Training
      Panelist Credits Tracking Reports

      Panelist Master Consumer Database
      Panelist Scheduling
      Panelist Recruitment & Screeners
      Consumer Recruitment & Screeners
      Pan_Custom Special Ballot
      Panelist Screening - SIMS Panelist Master Report
      Panelist Test-in-progress Polling Screen
 Statistics Report Examples

     PCA 3D Analysis

     PCA Analysis

    Your Sensory team's reporting & statistics made easy...

Sensory Evaluation
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Sensory Evaluation

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