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Our decision to purchase the SIMS program in was based on two important considerations: The capabilitites and reliability of the software, and the ability of the SIMS staff to modify aspects of the software to fit our needs.

We made the correct decision. We have a large sensory science function, running 4 panels a day, 5 days a week. SIMS was easy to implement and has proven to be very reliable over the years.

The SIMS development team are great to work with. There is always someone there to answer a call. Problems are minimal, but a fix is always quickly delivered. Modifications to the program are handled efficiently by the SIMS staff.

I'd encourage anyone shopping for sensory automation software to take a very serious look at this excellent product and fine group of professionals.
– Harvey H. Gordin,
RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company

We at Bureau Veritas are using SIMS since 2002 and are extremely pleased with our decision. While shopping for software to automate our sensory needs two things we concentrated on are: 1. Value for the price paid, 2. Willingness of SIMS personnel to customize to our needs. SIMS 2000 scored high on these items. As a testing laboratory our benefits were: reduced TAT and labor involved in data collection and error free reports. Our clients get easy interpretable graphs and tables, which helps them in marketing decisions. Our sensory technicians love this software for the versatility nature of the questionnaires. Once developed it can be applied to different sample sizes, rotation plans and ease of execution. The compartmentalization of questionnaires, experimental plan and the design of an individual test increase our ability to juggle between variety of samples from food to consumer products.

Designing 5 different experiments at the click of a button helps every one in sensory lab to run different experiments at any single time. Our execution is simplified and efficiency has enormously improved after SIMS was installed. Either tracking panelists or just looking for raw data SIMS is very user friendly.

Great product and a very cooperative staff. Thank you SIMS for helping us to achieve our goals!!!
– Giri Veeramuthu Ph.D,
Bureau Veritas, MTL-ACTS

At Taco Bell, Sensory is an integral part of our development process. SIMS makes creating ballots, executing tests, and gathering data quick and easy.

The program is reliable--we use it almost every day!

There are always technicians available to help when questions/problems arise. I have appreciated your patience and help over the last two months while I have learned how to use the program. We also appreciate your working closely with our in- house computer technicians in order to keep our Sensory program running smoothly.
– Amy Dufour,
Taco Bell Corporation

I Just wanted to thank you and the others at SIMS for all your help over the past few months. I know that you spent a good deal of time on the phone troubleshooting/guiding me through the program. Your support has been excellent and has helped me to feel comfortable running the program. I feel the support aspect is one of the most important features of a good program. I really appreciate the help and have been able to advance the sensory program here due to this excellent system package.
– T. Pendergast,
Takasago International Corporation

SIMS has been a tremendous boost to productivity in our group, department and college. Before SIMS, a staff person entered data from paper ballots into the mainfame, so it took days to get results from anything but simple difference tests. When that position was not re-filled, it meant I had to handle the data because other staff and students had little statistical experience. We support faculty research in several departments and provide testing services for local companies. Since we only have 6 workstations right now, scheduling consumer tests is slightly more structured, but we can turn tests around quickly. Probably one of the biggest benefits has been with descriptive tests. SIMS has been invaluable during panelist training. People like seeing how they compare to the rest of the group, and it has been useful for training a panel for a client off-site.

Students in our sensory evaluation and product development courses use SIMS as part of the course projects. You should see their faces when they see how quickly results from a 50-person hedonic test can be analyzed! This summer a high school Upward Bound student used SIMS to assess teens' acceptance of yogurt drinks. The teenage panelists were very impressed with the computers, and the test has turned out to be an excellent recruitment tool for new students.
– Mary Ellen Camire, Ph.D.,
University of Maine

We have been running SIMS in our 9-station sensory evaluation laboratory for many years without missing a test due to system failure. We run at least 15 technical and consumer panels per week. From an administrator standpoint, the SIMS system was easy to setup and is easy to maintain. Maintenance of our previous system was much more costly both in terms of time and money.

With minimal training our technicians were able to jump right in and start designing and executing tests. Test design and execution procedures are very intuitive and logical. The system is also flexible enough for us to create our own experimental designs and then export the data to the statistical package of our choice.

If you are looking for a well designed, easy to use and easy to maintain system, then you should seriously consider SIMS for your sensory evaluation needs.
– Larry L. Lesher,
Natick RD&E Center
U.S. Army

Our company has been using the Sensory Informational Management System (SIMS) for quite a few years, and we are very pleased with its performance. By using SIMS, it takes us about half the amount of time to prepare, implement and analyze in-lab studies relative to when we did not have this system. This enables us to get results to Product Development or Marketing on a more timely basis. Result tables showing means, standard deviations along with statistical comparative information are easily generated and could be forwarded to our clients.

Some of the features that we particularly like about this system are…

  - Easy and quick to prepare new questionnaires/designs.
  - Easy access to existing questionnaires and study designs for copying.
  - Automatic rotation of samples for presentation. This saves the laborious effort of manually preparing the rotation plan and then rotating the hard copy questionnaires. Some of the tests that we conduct consist of five samples, and without SIMS, it took a considerable amount of time to rotate the questionnaires for presentation to consumers.
  - Easy execution of tests.
  - Delay feature, which forces consumers to wait between samples. This is very important, particularly when tasting hot/peppery foods, or during the evaluation of several fragrance prototypes when consumers may become fatigued, and need a break between samples.
  - Direct input of responses, which saves us a great deal of time and eliminate misinformation that could be inferred from the results of incorrect data entry.
  - Quick analysis of data.
–Reckitt Benckiser, Inc.

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