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Sensory Evaluation Cloud
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SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software Mobile Cell Phones

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   Cloud Computing for Data Collection      Sensory SIMS

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SIMS Quick Learning Notes
   Brief Description of the modules of the SIMS software system: SIMS Software Application Overview Modules.pdf
   Print screens for SIMS training sessions: SIMS Training Print Screens.pdf

Online Instructional Training Videos
    Six-Minute Computer Based Training (CBTs) Videos,  (Adobe Flash)
   SIMS Online Instructional Training Videos

Downloads / Updates / File Exchange for Customers and SIMS Evaluation Sites
   Download SIMS Software updates or Upload Files to us.

Screenshots & Popular SIMS Screens
   We use this to quickly show customers and evaluation sites PRINT SCREENS of the SIMS Application.
   Can we show you a screen from SIMS ? Let us know and we'll set one up for you.

QR codes   iPhone/iPad/Smartphone HUTs another way to easily start tests.

SIMS Forums - Community Public Support Forums
   A place to ask any questions, and you'll get an answer.

Compliance Information - CFR21 Part 11

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If you need assistance, please call us at 800-579-7654
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Sensory Evaluation
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Sensory Evaluation

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