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   •   Hedonic & Category
   •   Just About Right (JAR)
   •   Hedonic Testing with Children
   •   Multiple Factor Concept Testing
   •   Line Scales / QDA Tests
   •   Descriptive Profiling
   •   QDA Scales
   •   All That Apply, Select One to Many
   •   All That Apply, Matrix
   •   All That Apply, Top n
   •   Grouped Intensity
   •   Multiple Choice, Select One to Many
   •   All That Apply, Randomize Choices
   •   Ranking, Sample Preference
   •   Ranking, Incomplete Blocks, Pairwise
   •   Ranking, Concepts, Top n
   •   Free-Choice Profiling
   •   Yes/No
   •   Comments - Open Ended
   •   Comments - Required & Optional

   •   Time Delays
   •   Time Interval Intensity
   •   Time Continuous Intensity
   •   Time TDS Temporal Dominance of Sensations
   •   Time Counter Seconds

   •   Discrimination Triangles
   •   Duo-Trio Constant Reference
   •   Duo-Trio Rotated Reference
   •   Discrimination Paired Comparisons 2-AFC
   •   Incomplete Block Paired Comparisons
   •   In/Out Quality Control Test
   •   Same/Different
   •   A / Not A Test
   •   Tetrad Test
   •   2-out-of-5 Test
   •   Threshold Test, 3-AFC
   •   Degree of Difference (DOD)
   •   Difference From Control
   •   Accept/Reject w/ Reason
   •   MaxDiff
   •   Sorting

   •   Multimedia:   Photos, Images, Videos, YouTube Videos, Webcams & Sound
   •   Bullseye
   •   Branching, Logical Skip Patterns
   •   Piping Question Responses
   •   Randomization of Attributes
   •   Panelist Immediate Feedback
   •   Demographic Questions
   •   Labeled Affective Magnitude (LAM) scale
   •   Calculated Attributes
   •   Left & Right Test Examples
   •   Price Select Examples

   •   Panelist Master Consumer Database
   •   Panelist Scheduling
   •   Panelist Recruitment & Screeners
   •   Panelist & Consumer Consent Forms E-Signatures
   •   Consumer Recruitment & Screeners
   •   Panelist Profiles Pan-Custom Special Ballot
   •   Panelist Descriptive Calibration Method (DCM)

   •   And many others

SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Cloud Systems
offer a variety ways to present questions
for gathering your sensory and market research data.
All question types are available with SIMS.
These are some of the question presentation options.

SIMS includes international language support.
  Easily create questionnaire/ballots in any language.
     "Usted habla espaρol?"   (Spanish questionnaire)
     "Parlez vous Francais?"   (French questionnaire)
     "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"   (German questionnaire)
     "Vocκ fala o portuguκs?"   (Portuguese questionnaire)

Reporting Examples, click here:
SIMS Data Results Reports Examples

New: Time TDS Temporal Dominance of Sensations

New: Tetrad Test

New: SIMS & ARCS Bridge Ballots.

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