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About Us

SIMS Sensory Evaluation Quality Panel Software is adding real value and positive energy to sensory & consumer insight groups worldwide.
Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Insights, Innovation, Market Research, Quality and Product Safety groups worldwide have found success and recognition with SIMS software.
SIMS software is the preferred software solution for many groups, call the user friendly team at SIMS and find out why.
In-house and cloud web-based systems. We believe that sensory evaluation software should be as flexible as possible, easy to use, bug free, and affordable.

Sensory Computer Systems has always been committed to provide to its valued customers and collegues the easiest to use, most flexible, and most powerful cloud software for test design, execution, and analysis. The Sensory Information Management System, SIMS, is the #1 sensory software cloud world-wide by leading Sensory, Consumer Insight, Quality Assurance and Marketing Research System Groups. SIMS fulfills practically every requirement of the Sensory and Marketing Research fields, including Consumer Testing, Surveys, Affective Testing, Descriptive Testing and Discrimination Testing.

Our world-wide clients include product manufacturers, market research firms, and service organizations from a variety of industries. They have discovered that using the best and most sophisticated available automated computerized system enables them in turn to develop the most profitable products and services as they move to gain market share and become market leaders.

SIMS Sensory Evaluation Quality Panel Software Cloud Systems provide the solutions to meet research needs. By continually and consistently making improvements to its product line, and using the newest available hardware and software technologies, Sensory Computer Systems maintains its leading-edge position in the automation of Sensory and Marketing Research.

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      Some of our valued clients...

      Major CPG Companies

      Major Cosmetic, Fragrance and Flavors and Ingredent Companies

      Major Retail & Grocery Companies

      Food Service Quick Serve

      Government and Professional Agencies

      Universities & Colleges

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    If you would like to contact any of our clients for a reference, the response will always be terrific.

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