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Here's the Best Way to Begin your Evaluation:

       CALL US --- > 800-579-7654

Spend 30 minutes with us on the phone, and we will WALK YOU THRU the entire SIMS2000 application.

We have found this to be extremely beneficial to both you and us.

This will enable you to get up and running using SIMS2000 quickly.   Your learning curve will be reduced dramatically.   You will quickly be creating your own Questionnaires.   You will quickly be running your own SIMS2000 Sensory Tests.

CALL US --- > 800-579-7654
       - some International users may need to call [your country's access code] 1-908-665-6464

So, when you're ready, I'd like to invite you, and encourage you, to allow us to "walk you thru" your first SIMS2000 Sensory test questionnaire and all the steps from beginning to end.

   1) Questionnaires
     2) Experimental Design
       3) Panelist Selection
         4) Test Definition
           5) Test Execution
             6) Statistical Analysis
               7) Table Generation
                 8) Graphics

Your SIMS2000 Evaluation Software is the full commercial version of SIMS for Windows.

Please call on us anytime for any questions, no matter how small, 800-567-7654.

Does your group have any "unique application" requirements for Sensory software? Over the years, we've seen a lot of different ways that clients do Sensory and Market Research. Maybe SIMS2000 already does what your special needs require. Go ahead, ask us! We are open to discussions about customizing the SIMS2000 system to meet YOUR specific requirements. We often customize/enhance areas of the system for new clients.

We would like to thank you for your efforts to make SIMS a valuable tool for your Sensory staff. We would value you and your group as a customer of SIMS and look forward to a rewarding relationship!

CALL US --- > 800-579-7654