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Sensory testing professional's favorite virtual desktop.
Say hello to SIMS Cloud Systems.
From any device, any laptop,
any iPad and even your cell phone.
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   Mobile devices real test example  
     Point your cell phone camera
       Easy for your respondents



PC System Requirements and Recommendations

Our favorite mobile device: Microsoft Surface Pro
     Mobile Cell Phones, iPhones, Apple iPads, Android, Macbooks, Mobile devices and Remote desktops, Desktop Virtualization

SIMS Cloud fully supports 100% Apple OS X computers based organizations.

Mobile Cell Phones, iPhones, Apple iPads, Android, Macbooks, etc. can all be used as online internet panelist devices for your SIMS Cloud Tests, Home Use Tests and Central Location Tests.

Mobile Cell Phones

         SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software Mobile Cell Phones    SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software Mobile Cell Phones

         Test drive a real Mobile Cell Phone Optimized SIMS Test, click Mobile Test Link

                  SIMS software express package file: MOBILE.SIMS2000ExpressPackage.sql.ZIP

Apple iPads  

     Apple Macbooks and iPads - Onsite Panels - HUTs & CLTs - SIMS Cloud - data hosted by SIMS Cloud

Your panelists/consumers/testers simply use any Apple browser such as Safari.
Your professionals use Microsoft Remote Desktop for Apple OS X to manage their SIMS Cloud ballots, designs, reports, statistics. etc.

Try a SIMS test on your iPad: Start SIMS Test

Hedonic Category Scales Examples

  SIMS Cloud - Professional Access via Apple Macbooks and Apple iPads using Microsoft Remote Desktop OS X and IOS App



  Try a SIMS on line test right now: Start SIMS Test

Apple iPads - Apple Macbooks - Onsite Panels - data hosted locally within your organization

* For your onsite panel locations use remote desktops thin client virtualization.
* Citrix FREE app is called Citrix Receiver for iPad.
* Microsoft FREE app is called Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPad
* Other virtual apps include iTap RDP Remote Desktop for Windows & Mac

Simple Remote virtual desktops served up by the popular virtual desktop solutions from Microsoft Remote Desktop for OS X, Citrix Receiver, VMware, etc. and data hosted locally within your organization.

Your IS/IT collegues can set up your iPads to work at your onsite locations just like any other thin client PC. It's easy.
   For Microsoft
   see Microsoft Remote Desktop App
          For Citrix see Citrix Receiver for iPad
   For VMware
   see VMware Horizon Client
   For Amazon Workspaces AWS
   see Amazon Workspaces App
   see Amazon Workspaces AWS

   The links above are for informational reading. Use the iPad app store to download.
   Other remote application choices are available in the app store.

   Microsoft Remote Desktop OS X and IOS App


   Descriptive Line Scales Examples


   Hedonic Category Scales Examples


     Set up your RDS host to Auto Start your SIMS Panelists in A1Panel Room upon iPad logon.

What are Thin Clients?
Thin-client PCs are low cost simple graphics-based desktop terminals that access and run hosted applications and data centrally from a server Because no applications or data actually reside on the desktop, it is "thin" when compared with the traditional PC. Prices start as low as $299

Popular Thin Client PC Vendors
Apple iPads:
Read more on Microsoft Web sites:
Desktop Virtualization
Windows Server Remote Desktop Services

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