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Sensory testing professional's favorite virtual desktop.
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  Evaluate SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Cloud for Free!

Join over 80 other companies and academia world-wide in our popular free evaluation program.

Sensory Computer Systems is delivering evaluations of the full commercial version of SIMS for Windows to interested parties at no cost or obligation.

SIMS Cloud ! Easy !

And/or if you'd prefer or need your data to be hosted within your company SIMS fully supports onsite data hosting too.

This is the full featured commercial version of SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software.

Call us at (800) 579-7654 for details.
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Benefits of Evaluating

Try before you buy. Use SIMS in any way you like, ie. do real tests.

Test SIMS at your site to make sure it will fully meet your requirements.

Identify any additional software enhancements that will make SIMS a perfect fit.

Our objective is pretty simple, get the SIMS tool within your reach so that you can see first hand how much it can help you as a Sensory and Marketing Research tool.

Over 50% of SIMS Evaluation Sites are unsatisfied customers of our competitors. It's time to switch.

Required Prior to SIMS Evaluation Delivery

  Web Conferencing for Software Demonstration
   Prior to receiving the Software Evaluation, Sensory Computer Systems would like to demonstrate the software to you.
   This is a free LIVE Interactive Software Demonstration of SIMS for Windows.
   It's easy, from your desk, you web surf to our Conference Web Page, and telephone to our 800#, and we're ready.
   Give us an hour of your time and we will demonstrate the SIMS application just for you.
         Click here to schedule YOUR Live demonstration today!

Additional Evaluation SET UP Offer

We appreciate your finding the time to take a closer look at SIMS.

We realize that you may not have found the time to be able to get SIMS up and running to begin your evaluation.

We would like to make this additional offer / proposal to you:

Our staff at Sensory Computer Systems will set up the entire evaluation for you! Via a WebEx desktop share meeting or similiar.

About half of all the SIMS evaluation sites have already asked us to setup the SIMS Evaluation for them, and we're happy to extend the offer to you also.

Once again, there's no cost or obligation to you.

Please feel free to call us anytime at 800-579-7654 to discuss any questions that you may have or to make further arrangements.

Affordable and flexible SIMS Pricing

Schedule your 30 minute introduction meeting for SIMS Sensory Evaluation Software as a Cloud Service.   Nice-n-easy executive overview.
Here's our online appointment calendar. Super Easy.

We will be more than just your SaaS software provider, we will be your technology partner, we will help you get it done!

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