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Sensory Quality Evaluation SIMS Software

Sensory characteristics are what attract and keep customers.

But until now, identifying and quantifying those characteristics has been a time-intensive and labor-intensive process.

With SIMS (The Sensory Information Management System), the process is streamlined, which allows Sensory, R&D, and Marketing Research experts to concentrate less on mechanics, and more on analysis and results.

SIMS is the most accurate and complete cloud solution for automating sensory data and marketing research data collection and analysis available today.

Quality Control & Assurance in your Manufacturing Plants.

•   Designed for Sensory & Quality Professionals
•   Cloud and/or in-house data host
•   Easy, intuitive, and fun to use
•   100% Windows Graphical Interface
•   Descriptive, Affective, Discrimination
•   All Questionnaire Types
•   Experimental Designs
•   Unlimited Data Collection
•   Unlimited number of simultaneous tests
•   WYSIWYG Questionnaire Design
•   Full Multimedia Capabilities
•   Advanced Data Analytics
•   Sensory Data Warehouse
•   Automatic SAS Advanced Analysis
•   Automatic R Statistics Advanced Analysis
•   Automatic JMP Advanced Analysis
•   Automatic Excel Advanced Analysis
•   Extensive Graphics and Reports
•   Wireless Network & Touch Screen Support
•   On-Site Installation & On-Site Training
•   100% Reliable Microsoft SQL Server Database
•   We will customize the system for your needs
•   Satisfaction Guaranteed


With SIMS, you can measure any sensory attribute characteristic, such as APPEARANCE, FLAVOR, TEXTURE, and AROMA.

The SIMS Designer package lets clients prepare questionnaires, experimental designs, rotation plans, and panelist setup and maintenance.

Using SIMS Data Collector, clients collect data in traditional research lab settings, portable laptop and handheld computers, and interactive multimedia kiosks.

SIMS Basic and Advanced Analysis packages give clients instantaneous finished reports suitable for immediate inclusion in final reports. Analysis includes Means, Frequencies, Standard Deviations, ANOVA, Mean Separations, Adjusted Means, Multivariate, Panelist Comparisons, Cross Tabulations, Fisher's Exact Tests, Duncan Tests, Tukey Tests, Positional Analysis, Top Two Bottom Two Box Analysis, Cross Tabs / Sub Groups, and more. Full automatic test data exporting available for MS Excel, SAS, R, JMP, SPSS, Camo Unscrambler, Statistica, CSV Files, ASCII text data delimited files, and more.

Available for Windows versions 10, 8, 7, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc., and it's 100% reliable SQL Server database, SIMS is a completely flexible program compatible with all computing environments. The system has been designed by sensory professionals and testers, consumer marketing experts, the current system users, and implemented by the software professionals of Sensory Computer Systems. Extensive expert knowledge has been captured and is now provided in SIMS.

Test anywhere, anytime, and on any PC !
  SIMS Express Packages

Sensory Quality Evaluation SIMS Software

SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software

SIMS Onsite Sensory Software

SIMS Cloud Internet Sensory Software Data Center

Sensory Quality Evaluation SIMS Software

SIMS Data Results Reports Examples

Customer Service
Continuous phone support, updates, upgrades
Optional on-site installation, training
Software customizations
90-day guarantee

Sensory Evaluation SIMS
SIMS is being used on FOUR CONTINENTS World-Wide

SIMS includes international language support.
  Easily create questionnaire/ballots in any language.

     "Usted habla espa๑ol?"   (Spanish questionnaire)
     "Parlez-vous fran็ais?"   (French questionnaire)
     "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"   (German questionnaire)
     "Voc๊ fala o portugu๊s?"   (Portuguese questionnaire)

See the SIMS client list.


SIMS Designer
Questionnaires, Designs, Plans, Panelists

SIMS Data Collector
Data Collection and Text Execution

SIMS Basic Analysis
Basic Tables, Means, Reporting

SIMS Advanced Analysis
Advanced Tables, Adjusted Means, ANOVA,
PCA, PrefMap, Correlations, Chi-Square, Data Analytics, etc.

SIMS Advanced Graphics
Spider, Radial, 2D, 3D Graphics,
Standard Deviations, Difference Graphs, 3D PCA, etc.

Brief Description of the modules
SIMS software system
SIMS Application Overview Modules.pdf

SIMS Software Pricing.
Academia and University 50% discounts.
Save costs with SIMS.
Take advantage of our competitive product discounts.

SIMS Data Results Reports Examples
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software
Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software

Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software

Sensory Evaluation SIMS Software

Data hosting options are of your choosing. Hosting by you on your onsite company SQL data host and/or by our internet cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS). And whatever balance and combination of the two you need. If you need 100% onsite data host, or 100% Software as a Service (SaaS), or any combination of the two, it is your choice. Whatever you need. We deliver both solutions because clients frequently need both. For your everyday onsite tests you can choose to keep all of your valuable data 100% within your network (via free Microsoft SQL Express database for your data host which we can provide) where no internet is needed at all. Many clients do not want any of their data unnecessarily in the internet cloud unless absolutely necessary, and we totally agree. For those times when you want to run an internet based test, such as Home Use Test's (HUTs) and Central Location Tests (CLTs) we provide Software as a Service (SaaS). Same low SIMS Software price includes both platforms.

SIMS Software offers Two flexible platform solutions for your data.

SIMS Cloud & SIMS Onsite.

You can select either one or any combination of the two.

One low price for both solutions.

When data hosted by SIMS Cloud Internet Software as a Service (SaaS)
Your onsite locations and/or any offsite locations HUTs & CLTs

Your professional technician's devices

Your panelist's & consumer's devices
Onsite Testing
Client's testing rooms

Central Location Testing CLTs

Home Use Testing HUTs
Professional access

Microsoft Remote Desktop Virtualization

Any PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Apple Macbooks, iPads

SIMS software application hosted
by Sensory Computer Systems
Panelist access

Any Browser Internet Access

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, MS Internet Explorer, etc.

Any device PCs, Tablets, Apple Macbooks, iPads, iPhone, Mobile

When data hosted at your onsite locations


Onsite Testing
Client's testing rooms

Microsoft SQL database
hosted by client
Office desktops, PCs, Laptops, Tablets

SIMS software installed on PC,
standard Windows client PC application
Panel room PCs, Laptops, Tablets

SIMS software installed on PC,
standard Windows client PC application


Affordable and flexible SIMS Pricing

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Sensory Evaluation
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